SHI August 2020 Donor Letter

Dear Shepherd’s Hill Supporter,

We want to express our sincere appreciation for your continued and valuable contributions towards the work of Shepherd’s Hill International in the Philippines. We could not continue to operate without your dedication and support as we strive to minimize the spiritual and economic poverty of the Filipino people. As you know, a mission of Shepherd’s Hill is to provide resources to make substantial and sustainable opportunities available to bless the lives of the people on and surrounding Arapal Christian Camp located on the island of Cebu. Your donations significantly encourage our team and directly impact the lives of many people in that community. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, your donations are greatly appreciated and are influencing lives like never before.

This pandemic has impacted all of our lives in unforeseen and inconvenient ways. The isolation, worry, and fear that grasps for your attention is the same isolation, worry, and fear that many feel in the islands of the Philippines. The poorest citizens there often do not have access to health care, resources, and community. They too risk disease, loneliness, and unemployment.

During this unexpected time, Arapal Christian Camp serves as a beacon of light to a community shrouded in darkness and fear. With your donations, Arapal has continued to offer hope to the people through the church community. There, the young adults have produced food packs and masks to be distributed to church members with limited access to resources. Additionally, hundreds of Cebuano church songs have been recorded and will reach the ears and hearts of many through local radio programs.

The luscious and fruitful gardens of Arapal yield fresh air and food to those who cannot obtain those things elsewhere. The brilliant colors and sweet scents of the garden provide vibrance and excitement!

Also, Arapal has recently broken ground on the building of a new goat house. This project gives additional employment opportunities to many students. The goats housed here will produce organic goat milk which will be a financial blessing to their owners.

The comforting spirit of the church community, the organic garden, and the goat raising program are all avidly growing in the midst of a seemingly stagnant season. In a season where despair seems like a normal conclusion, your donations to Shepherd’s Hill International are growing hope.

Your continued support and prayers on our behalf are gratefully appreciated. We know that through your donations and encouragement, God is continually changing lives in the Philippines. Hope is spreading. Thank you for considering another gift today!

Janae Pierson

Shepherd’s Hill Correspondent at Harding University

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