Christmas 2020 at Arapal

First, I must offer my profound thanks to so many kind people all over the USA. You have responded to our annual mailout resoundingly. Many of you asked us to put your donation to good use in our Give A Goat ministry. I want to assure you all that our goat ministry is going strong in Arapal, our northern enclave in Cebu, Philippines. 

The Arapal goat herd is tenderly cared for by Lileth Arenga and her helpers. From this herd, kid goats are born and distributed to carefully trained indigenous farmers who raise the goats and use the milk, manure, and soap products to provide a meager living for themselves. Arapal’s Give A Goat program has become a model for lifting the poor out of abject poverty. Arapal has just this month been awarded a Philippine government contract to provide goat milk (it’s totally lactose free) to children all over northern Cebu. Why, you ask? Because many Philippine children are lactose intolerant and Arapal has proven to be a constant organic source of milk. And because government inspectors have repeatedly visited Arapal and graded their processes. And because of people like Lileth. The story below, as you can see, is taken word-for-word from the email she sent me Christmas Eve morning. You can almost hear her breathless joy as she labors to deliver this baby goat. I started to put it in my own words…..then realized I couldn’t do it justice. If you have to, read it twice and you will understand that Lileth knows improving the herd with new blood and strong calves is important. Read it a third time and you’ll see that Lileth is fully invested in what she does.

It was surprising and exciting experience. It was my first time to assist of our pure anglonubian goat who has difficulty in giving birth because the kid is very big. 4 of our goat workers were able to help and assisted the delivery but they haven’t made it. So they called me and I was able to hurry quickly and I saw the mother goat difficulty to push. Her baby was stuck and when I saw the baby kid he has slowly breathing which I thought he will die. I haven’t hesitated to wash my hand with alcohol and put an amount of oil in my hand and hurriedly help and assisted the mother goat. It was a difficult thing because the kid is very big that the mother could not deliver normally. Two things in my head that I will enter my hand in the mother womb slowly push the kid. Many times I tried and 3 goat workers assisted me. I try 2nd  times and put oil again in my hand and tried until fifth times. And short story I was able to get and push the baby outside. Suddenly I blow the kids mouth and nose which he hardly could not breath. I started to cry and I tried and tried and oh my the little kid goat started to breath and alive. I am so very happy that we revive and recover the baby kid goat. I didn’t expect he will survive. We name him survivor. He was very big and pure Anglo nubian goat buckling. The mother is also alive. Thanks God.”

Shepherd’s Hill International sends you all a Merry Christmas greeting. Our nonprofit is led by a volunteer Board of Trustees who apply your donations year-round so that Arapal can wash the feet of those they serve. Lileth represents the 16 others who plant crops while planting God’s Word. You can find this letter and options to give on our website at . Thank you for partnering with us. Thanks God indeed.

Dennis Matthews

Chairman and President, Shepherd’s Hill International

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