Light in the Night

  The flashlight on my cell phone lights my feet as I maneuver down the muddy and sometimes rocky path in the dark moonless night. Picking each step carefully I prayed not to slip and fall. Several times Donna yelled out “Whoops” as she fought to keep her balance when her flip flops slid in […]

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Singin’ in the Rain

Singin’ in the Rain in Cebu, Philippines In my capacity as chairman of the nonprofit Shepherd’s Hill International, I often visit Arapal, the 25 acre plot of volcanic ground in northern Cebu, Philippines. Arapal is owned and operated by Phillipno Christians and is the only evangelistic effort I know of in the Philippines that incorporates […]

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December 2017 Newsletter

From our team to you, we wish you a wonderful Christmas season this year and our gratitude for your interest in the poorest of the poor in the Philippine Islands. Shepherd’s Hill continues to provide oversight and encouragement for the hard-working farmers, teachers, and preachers on the island of Cebu. Through the livelihood programs of […]

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