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Shepherd's Hill provides training and resources to help impoverished people in the Philippines become self-sufficient. This is done by supplying much-needed seeds and livestock, well as giving instruction and helping develop agricultural skills.

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The spiritual roots of Shepherd’s Hill International efforts in the Philippines spring from the rocky soil of the island of Cebu. The indigenous population farms, and our evangelists, who are all native Filipinos, do too.

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Shepherd’s Hill believes strongly that education is the key to the development and maturation of the whole person and for the future generations. In developing counties like the Philippines, poverty and education are linked together and often lead children to have lifelong struggles. 

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Give a Goat

Goat-raising is an accepted and indigenous practice to the people of the Philippines.  The agriculture and terrain of the Philippines is very conducive to goat raising, due to the immense amounts of forage found in the tropical climate. GG is able to be successful giving goats as a sustainable livelihood tool in the Philippines because it is a culturally compatible practice.

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Disaster Relief

Over the past two decades, the Philippines has endured a total of 274 natural calamities, making it the fourth most disaster-prone country in the world. On many occasions, Shepherd’s Hill has led the international disaster relief in the Philippines.

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