Disaster Relief

Over the past two decades, the Philippines has endured a total of 274 natural calamities, making it the fourth most disaster-prone country in the world. On many occasions, Shepherd’s Hill has led the international disaster relief in the Philippines.

The country faced the strongest and deadliest typhoon in its history, Typhoon Yolanda, on November 6, 2013, which in a span of three days claimed a staggering 6,300 lives and left infrastructures in ruin.

Shepherd’s Hill was one of the first responders and became one of the focal points in the US for donations. Shepherd’s Hill and Arapal Christian Camp provided funds and relief to help rebuild homes, plants and livestock, and for the immediate medical and physical needs for many of the homeless.

Hopefully another typhoon, mudslide or earthquake will not happen again, but if it does Shepherd’s Hill and Arapal will be ready to provide needed assistance.

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