Shepherd’s Hill believes strongly that education is the key to the development and maturation of both current and future generations.

In developing counties like the Philippines, poverty and education are linked together and often lead children to have lifelong struggles. Education can provide a way to develop skills and knowledge, and can be the key to pull families and communities out of the cycle of poverty. 

Children and young adults in the Philippines face many barriers to receiving an education due to the lack of funding, schools, and materials. At Arapal Christian Camp, Shepherd’s Hill provides Christian education, school clothes, and food to children and young adults to help them achieve their educational aspirations.

In addition, Shepherd’s Hill provides financial support to the Leyte Christian College (LCC) at Moalboal to help young adults receive a Christian college education.  LCC provides a four-year degree in bible as well as a Master's degree in Bible, the only such advanced degree we know currently being offered in Cebu.

Both of these programs are vital and use education as a tool to help make the Philippines a better place. Many of the graduates become farming experts, accountants, preachers, and lifetime disciples of Jesus Christ.

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